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TOEIC Registration

How much in advance you register for the TOEIC test depends on the country and city in which you take the exam. In some centres, you may need to register well in advance and in others you may be able to register at a later date. There may also be seasonal variations from place to place. The best option is to check the current situation in your nearest test centre and then plan accordingly.

Before selecting a test date, make sure ensure you have enough time to prepare adequately. If you are planning to join university or college, keep in mind their application deadlines and also make sure you leave enough time for your scores to be reported to them.

How to Register for TOEIC

To register for your TOEIC exam, do the following:

  1. Go to the official ETS website at
  2. Click on TOEIC exam
  3. Click on Register for Listening and Reading Test or
  4. Click on Register for Speaking and Writing Test
  5. Click on Contact your ETS Preferred Vendor
  6. Choose your country
  7. Choose your city
  8. Select your desired test centre

Contact them by phone or email to ensure that they are still operating as an official TOEIC test centre. Find out all relevant information, such as:

  • if you can register online or in person
  • what forms of payment are accepted
  • what documents to bring on exam day
  • how much in advance you must arrive
  • anything else you are unsure about

By clarifying these details in advance, you will avoid any unnecessary stress or tension on the day of your TOEIC.

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