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Welcome to Good Luck TOEIC!

Need to take the TOEIC test? Well, you're not alone. Each year, over 4.5 million people from around the world will do the same thing!

The first question is which TOEIC test you need to take?

  • The classic TOEIC Listening and Reading Test?
  • The new TOEIC Listening and Reading Test?
  • The Internet-based TOEIC Speaking and Writing Test?

Depending on where in the world you are, you may be appearing for a different TOEIC test! At Good Luck TOEIC, we'll help you sort through this question.

Also, preparing for the TOEIC test – or any test – can feel like climbing a mountain. Yet, with the right tools you can achieve your goal of a higher TOEIC test score. On our free website, you'll discover a wealth of resources, ideas and suggestions to help you do your best on the day of your TOEIC tests.

Everything You Need to KNow About the TOEIC

You'll also find out the main differences between the old TOEIC Listening and Reading Test and the new TOEIC Listening and Reading Test – something older websites don’t cover! In addition, we'll guide you through the newer TOEIC Speaking & Writing Test.

Our site is divided into three main sections:

  • TOEIC Basics – to understand TOEIC test format, structure, time, and rules
  • TOEIC Skills – to develop the necessary language and academic skills
  • TOEIC Resources – to prepare thoroughly, effectively, and easily


A team of experienced TOEIC teachers has created this site with lots of TOEIC tips, secrets, and advice to lead you to TOEIC success. We know this important exam can be your gateway to a good job and a successful career with a global corporation. By following the guidelines set out here, you’ll be able to approach your new TOEIC test with confidence, competence, and a sense of calm.

Later, if you feel this site has helped you, please help us help more students by spreading the word and telling your friends.

Thank you -- and Good Luck on your TOEIC!!

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